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Snowboarding for teenagers
One of the nicest elements of Sainte Foy is the mountain areas for skiing and, of course, snowboarding. As a teenager you will be able to learn, improve and master the art of snowboarding all under the watchful eye of our ESF instructors.

Our ESF instructors will be able to show you the basics of snowboarding for beginners and the art of mastering those techniques as you progress through the levels.

If you are new to snowboarding you will need to ensure you have the equipment like a helmet and protective clothes, as well as the board itself. If you need advice feel free to pop into the ESF office.

Once equipped you will have great fun learning to board or improving your techniques in preparation to take on the mountains in Sainte Foy! 

During the low season : children (8-12 y/o) and adults are in different lessons for beginner and Snow 1 classes. During the high season : children and adults are in different lessons for the beginner level.

Our group lessons take place with a minimum of 2 pupils (more details). Our prices do include the badge but not equipment hire, ski pass, lunch or the Carré Neige  insurance. 

For the beginner level, the ski pass is not obligatory on the first day.
The instructor will tell you when it's necessary to have the ski pass.

Book now and perfect those curves.

We offer the times and costs below.
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'Snowboarding in Sainte Foy was fantastic. The guys at ESF were on hand every day to teach me new tips on how to improve. Really liked the group lesson format. There were 4 of us in the group.'
Mark - Herts - UK
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TimesSnowboard Group LessonsTeenager
whole season
afternoon        2:30 - 5:00 am
From   23.12.18   to   05.01.19 
From   10.02.19   to   09.03.19 
From   31.03.19   to   14.04.19 
From   15.12.18   to   22.12.18 
From   06.01.19   to   09.02.19 
From   10.03.19   to   30.03.19
during the low season
3 or 4 afternoon lessons are possible!
Costs Lessons / Carré NeigeSnowboard Group LessonsTeenager 
Lessons & Carré Neige : 6 lessons from Sunday to Friday
Lessons & Carré Neige : 5 lessons from Monday to Friday
Lessons : 4 lessons from Sunday to Wednesday
Only during the low season
Lessons : 3 lessons from  Monday to Wednesday
Only during the low season

children & adults separated6 / 5 / 4 / 3 X AFTERNOONS180 € - 170 € - 140 € - 110 €
levels 1 / 2 / 3
children with adults6 / 5 / 4 / 3 X AFTERNOONS
180 € - 170 € - 140 € - 110 €

5 OR 6 X AFTERNOONS6 X Afternoons : 180 €5 X Afternoons : 170 €
levels 2 / 3
5 OR 6 X AFTERNOONS6 X Afternoons : 180 €  5 X Afternoons : 170 €
insurance carre neige integralcancellation before holiday & accident on the spot6 Days : 21.60 € / 5 Days : 18 €
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'Visit Sainte Foy for it's magical setting and great off-piste areas. As a snowboarder we will teach you how
to master the area we love so much'.
Jean-Charles - ESF SAINTE FOY