recommendations for parents

To ensure that your children's lessons will go well

To make sure that your children enjoy their ski tuition, please:

  • Equip them properly: helmet, skis, boots, sunglasses/goggles, gloves, sunscreen, appropriate clothing, tissues and a snack
  • Ensure that your children have the ski pass in their pocket (for the beginner level: they won't need a ski pass on the first day - the instructor will let you know when they will need it)
  • Write down your children's names on their clothes and skis
  • Don't stay for your children's lessons or draw their attention during class
  • Let the instructor know if your children have a health problem
  • Leave the eventual level changes to the instructors 
  • Show the lesson card or E-ticket to the instructor at the beginning of the class, they have to correspond to the day and hour (those cards are nontransferable) 
  • Keep their lesson card or E-ticket with them during the whole lessons   
  • Be on time for your private or group lessons: the instructor won't wait for the latecomer (we won't catch up with the schedule) 

WEARING HELMETS is strongly recommended. 

Your children are on holidays, our goal is to make them like skiing and be willing to come back!
Please respect their rhythm and do not ask them to be champions too early!

Les Balcons de Sainte Foy - 73640 Sainte Foy Tarentaise