OUR TIPS for parents

To help ensure your child's lessons go well!

So that your child gets the most out of their lesson, please:
  • Dress them appropriately: a warm jacket, mittens, sunglasses or goggles, sun cream and tissues.
  • Mark their name on their clothes and skis.  
  • Do not watch or follow the lesson and don't call to your child during their lesson.
  • Let the instructor know if your child has any health or behavioural problems.
  • Remember it is the instructor who will decide whether your child needs to change group after having seen them ski.  

  • Show the lesson card or ecard for online bookings to the instructor at the start of the lesson.
  • Be on time to the meeting point for the start of the lesson (private or group). If you are late for a group lesson, the instructor will not be able to wait.
  • Ensure they have a valid ski pass in their pocket (unless they are beginners - in which case they do not need a ski pass for the 1st day(s) and the instructor will let you know when it is time to get them a ski pass).

Remember a HELMET is strongly recommended. 

Your child is on holiday, the aim is that they have fun and want to come back skiing. So please let them progress at their own speed and don't expect them to become a champion overnight!