meeting points

We are easy to find on the snowfront

Group lessons

  • Ourson  3 year old meet in Club Piou Piou inside the ESF office
  • Ourson 4-6 beginners, Ourson 4-6 initiated and Ourson 7-12 all meet in the kids garden in front of the ESF
  • Flocon - Team Rider meet at the red sign for the correct level (outside the ESF on the snowfront)
  • Adults meet at the blue sign for your level (opposite the Maison à Colonnes restaurant)
  • Snowboard meet at the yellow sign for your level (in front of the Maison à Colonnes)

Private lessons

In front of the ESF office. The name of your instructor will be displayed on the notice board outside before the start of your lesson.

If you are running late or will be absent, please let us know either by calling into the office or calling us.