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teenage and adult beginners courses
One of the best things about ESF Sainte Foy is the way we treat your young adults. In the beginners classes there is no need for Club Piou Piou as we ensure each teenager is mixed together with adults of the same beginner status. They then, in turn, learn together on the flat area at the base of the slopes.

After improving as a beginner, your child can quickly move up to a children's lesson to pass their Flocon or 1st Star badge. 

At ESF SAINTE FOY we tailor the energy of your child to progress and develop them as skiers or snowboarders. This is all conducted in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere where your child can engage with others in a friendly group whilst always improving their basic techniques. 

Our Group Lessons take place with a minimum of 2 pupils (more details). Our prices do include the badge but not equipment hire, ski pass, lunch or the Carré Neige ski insurance. 

The ski pass is not obligatory on the first day.
The instructor will tell you when it's necessary to have the ski pass.

The journey starts here!

We offer the times and costs below.
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Our Guests Say...
'Sainte Foy... the place to be for beginners to learn how to ski!'
Bibby - UK
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TimesBeginner Group Lessons
From    23.12.18     to    05.01.19 
From    10.02.19     to    09.03.19 
From    31.03.19     to    14.04.19 
Morning        9:00 - 11:45 am
afternoon  2:30 -    5:00 pm

Low season
From   15.12.18     to     22.12.18
From   06.01.19     to     09.02.19
From   10.03.19     to     30.03.19
Morning        9:00 - 11:45 am
during the low season
3 or 4 mornings are possible!
Costs Lessons / Carré NeigeBeginner Group Lessons
half Day only
Lessons & Carré Neige : 6 half days from Sunday to Friday
Lessons & Carré Neige : 5 half days from Monday to Friday
Lessons : 4 half days from Sunday to Wednesday
Only during the low season
Lessons : 3 half days from Monday to Wednesday
Only during the low season
3 / 4 / 5 or 6  x MORNINGS6 x Mornings High season : 240 € - Low season : 200 € 5 x Mornings High season : 230 € - Low season : 190 €4 x Mornings Low season : 150 €  3 x Mornings Low season : 115 €
6 x Afternoons High season : 155 € 5 x Afternoons High season : 145 €
insurance carre neige integralcancellation before holiday & accident on the spot6 Days : 21.60 € / 5 Days : 18 €
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'I really enjoyed learning to ski with ESF.
My instructor was very helpful
and I met 3 new friends during the week.
Thanks ESF!'
Terri - Hornchurch