Why ESF?

why eSF

ESF are the main ski school in France. We have a vast knowledge of the mountains and the surrounding areas and with years of experience you really are in the safest hands. Our instructors undergo a vigorous training programme that takes over 4 years to complete and must pass a variety of different qualifications to ensure they are instructing you at the top level.

We are the only ski school in Sainte Foy to have a dedicated Childrens Garden (Club Piou PIou), where your child can learn in a safe and secure environment with friendly, qualified instructors, to give your child the best possible start.

The mountains can be dangerous places, if you ski off-piste or go ski touring, ESF can ensure that this is done in safety. We have specialist avalanche equipment, radios and weather warnings. Plus years of knowledge of the French mountains, most of our instructors are from the Tarentaise Valley.

Most of all, we want to welcome you as part of our ESF Family, where we are looking forward to meeting you and providing friendly tuition from beginner to advance level, and from children to adults.