Grace and Style together...

The art of Telemark

Grace the slopes this winter with this ancient form of skiing
Why not let ESF teach you the ancient form of telemark. 

With a free heel and a style all of its own you can gracefully descend the mountain. Whether it's your first time at telemark or whether you want to improve your technique, ESF offers experienced and qualified telemark instructors.

Invented in 19th century, Norway, the art of telemark is the oldest ski descent technique. 

Grace and elegance characterise the technique of telemark. 

Let us at ESF guide you around the slopes with all the finesse and style this discipline commands.

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our InstructorS Say...
Why not try something different from skiing?

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"I wanted to try something different and wasn't disappointed.
I can't wait to come back next year and continue
my lessons in telemark."