Special beginners!

skiing + meals + daycare

We have it all covered this winter in Sainte Foy for 4-6 year olds!

ESF Sainte Foy and the Children’s Club Les Petit Trappeurs have teamed up to bring you an exclusive 5 or 6 day package for children that includes: 
SKIING - MEALS and DAYCARE all in one!

At ESF Sainte Foy we will take care of your young skiers and professionally guide them into skiing through games play, character stories and eventually wearing skis. During lunch your children will eat in the nursery then our friends at the Children's Club Les Petit Trappeurs take over in the afternoon for the daycare sessions. 


For 4-6 Years beginners
Between the ages of 4 and 6 years old your child can enter the world of Club Piou Piou. Club Piou Piou will be the first port of call for your young one. Our professional instructors will be able to teach your child the basics of skiing and introduce them to the wonders of the mountain atmosphere. This process, for beginners especially, is one that is dealt with in a very professional and reassuring manner by our instructors. 

Every child will get cold and want their mummy or daddy. We know that. To allow you, as parents, to have your own holiday and not be contacted by us, we teach the children how to stand on skis and invite them to meet Piou Piou himself. This puts the children at ease and gives our instructors more time to help and teach. 

The 4-6 year olds class is the ORANGE one.

For the 3 / 4 year olds, it is obligatory to have the minimum age required. Proof of identity is required for the registration of children at this age. Incorrect information of the age or ability of the child may result in a change of group. 

This group has a maximum limit of 8 children to one instructor. 

Our group lessons take place with a minimum of 2 pupils (more details). Our prices do include the badge but not equipment hire, ski pass, lunch or the Carré Neige ski insurance.

The child doesn't need a ski pass the first day.  The instructor will advise you when they'll need one. Remember to take proof of age when purchasing a ski pass (ski pass is FREE for children under 5 years old).

We offer the times and costs below.
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THE orange TEAM
The beginner children between 4 and 6 years old will be in the orange team. The meeting point is in Club Piou Piou in front of the ski school.
Don't Forget Advice
What is your Child's Level
Insurance Carré Neige
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Meeting Points
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TimesClub Piou-Piou 4-6 years old Beginner 
From    23.12.18    to    05.01.19 
From    10.02.19    to    09.03.19 
From    31.03.19    to    14.04.19 
Morning        9:00 - 11:45 am
afternoon  2:30 -   5:00 pm
Low season
From   15.12.18     to    22.12.18
From   06.01.19     to    09.02.19
From   10.03.19     to    30.03.19
Morning        9:00 - 11:45 am
afternoon  2:30 -   5:00 pm*
*only from 3 to 9/02/19 and from 10 to 16/03/19
Costs Lessons / Carré NeigeClub Piou-Piou 4-6 years old Beginner
half Day only
Lessons & Carré Neige : 6 half days from Sunday to Friday
Lessons & Carré Neige : 5 half days from Monday to Friday
5 or 6  x MORNINGS6 x Mornings High season : 240 € - Low season : 200 € 5 x Mornings High season : 230 € - Low season : 190 €
5 or 6 X AFTERNOONS  6 x Afternoons High season - Low season* : 180 €5 x Afternoons High season - Low season* : 170 €
insurance carre neige integralcancellation before holiday & accident on the spot6 Days : 21.60 € / 5 Days : 18 €
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My son Bobby  enjoyed his first experience
with ESF in Club Piou Piou.  
He quickly moved on to the main slopes.
He absolutely loved the instructors, 
we would like to thank ESF for great tuition.
Mrs J Coates